Publications in focus: quality and innovation combined.

A little insight into the world of public relations work at CONTECMA C.S. In addition to newspaper reports and advertisements, there is also our patent specification for inverting filter centrifuges.

We continue to develop: Patent specification DE10 2011 010 072 B4

He who rests, rusts, is our motto. With the patent granted on 22.08.2013, CONTECMA C.S. GmbH shows that it is more than just a simple service provider. We continue to develop the world of centrifuges.

Centrifuges are our world - advertisement in CAV CHEMIE.

This is the title of our advertisement in CAV CHEMIE issue 10.2010. It shows our passion for centrifuges and our extensive portfolio of services.

Professional service for centrifuges: Article in CAV CHEMIE 10-2010.

Maintenance, repair and reconditioning of centrifuges is the core competence of CONTECMA C.S. GmbH. This is the tenor of the technical article of CAV CHEMIE....

Artikel CAV

A spirit of optimism after the end - founding of CONTECMA C. S.

was the title of the full-page newspaper report in the Bietigheimer Zeitung on the founding of CONTECMA C.S. GmbH.

Fast and uncomplicated: How to reach us:

Your direct line to us. We are available to answer all your questions about the centrifuge. Our 24/7 technical support hotline is available around the clock. If technical problems arise, our experts are ready to provide immediate assistance. Contact us now for assistance with your challenges.