Process technology - process optimization

Process technology: fundamentals and importance for process optimization.

In many filtration processes, the full potential has not yet been realized. A significant opportunity to improve plant performance and achieve increased profitability is by optimizing machine parameters. By precisely adjusting these parameters, the efficiency of the plant can be significantly enhanced, leading to a more profitable operation.

Importance of precise process parameters in filtration optimization

Improving the filtration process involves precisely defining and adjusting the process conditions according to predefined target objectives and while adhering to the prescribed setpoints. This precise approach helps optimize the performance of the filtration system while increasing efficiency.

Steps of process optimization: from process analysis to parameter optimization

In process optimization, initially, a careful examination of the process engineering aspects is conducted, and the applicability of the analyzed process data to the production facility is thoroughly assessed. Only after this evaluation are optimizations of the process parameters made to achieve the optimal operating point.

The 10 steps to process optimization:

Process analysis

  • Stage 1 – Determination of the Current State
  • Stage 2 – Definition of Product Specifications
  • Stage 3 – Process Monitoring
  • Stage 4 – Analysis of Error Sources
  • Stage 5 – Analysis of Current Filtration Recipe

Optimization phase

These stages are repeated until the perfect filtration result is achieved.

  • Stage 6 – Definition of New Recipe Parameters
  • Stage 7 – Production Run with New Recipe
  • Stage 8 – Evaluation of Results


  • Stage 9 – Preparation of the Experiment Report
  • Stage 10 – Recommendations for Performance and Quality Improvement

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