Filter Cloths – Filter Cloth production

Our In-House Filter Cloth Tailoring: Flexible Solutions for Complex Challenges!

With our extensive range of high-quality, readily available filter cloths, we respond flexibly to your individual needs. Benefit from our comprehensive, industry-specific expertise in solid-liquid separation, which we specifically use to develop innovative production filters. Whether you need custom-made products or filters in large-scale production, we offer individual solutions that are manufactured in quantities of several hundred units annually to meet your requirements.

Highest Quality for Our Customers:

  • Perfect fit and dimensional accuracy of our filter cloths
  • Optimal service life for each application
  • Consistent cloth qualities
  • Clean and precise manufacturing
  • High demands on the continuous quality controls of individual manufacturing steps
  • Provision of the most suitable fabric quality

Precision Meets Quality: Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction.

Our entire manufacturing team focuses primarily on precision and quality, thus ensuring our customers' satisfaction is sustainably guaranteed. Highest standards are at the core of our actions, regardless of the application or specification.

Innovation is Our Strength

We develop and improve our products and manufacturing processes continuously, aiming to further increase the high quality in the future.

Fast and uncomplicated: How to reach us:

Your direct line to us. We are available to answer all your questions about the centrifuge. Our 24/7 technical support hotline is available around the clock. If technical problems arise, our experts are ready to provide immediate assistance. Contact us now for assistance with your challenges.