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Process Technology




The demands on modern and efficient companies are constantly increasing.

The CONTECMA C.S. GmbH offers a comprehensive range of solutions and options for optimizing your production processes in the field of filtration technology.

We help you to identify weak spots in your filtration and offer advice in optimal working solutions to optimize your processes.

Our process engineering team exists of experienced process and application engineers and chemists. Thanks to a close collaboration between the individual departments and years of experience in all areas of the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, we have an integrated view and analyze your filtration processes holistically.

Depending on your individual requirements, we accordingly develop a tailor made solution for you.

With a total solution we mean not only to optimize the machine parameters. So what we do is we develop an indisciplianry solution from machine, installation, process engineering, complett plant over machine parameters, the controlsystem, the filter cloth upto the optimization of production processes and product quality.


Participate of our expertise and councel yourself in a personal interview in following topic:

Haken process analysis and process development
Haken filtration and filtration fundamentals
Haken selecting the right filter cloth
Haken process optimization / startup & review
Haken plant & machine optimization
Haken training and education

Your benefits:

Haken reduction of production costs
Haken lower maintenance costs
Haken increase of the production capacity
Haken improving product quality
Haken scrap reduction
Haken reduction of energy consumption

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Refurbished HEINKEL HF600.1 Inverting Filter Centrifuge delivered to customer in Bavaria. The centrifuge from 1999 was completely disassembled, repainted and the stainless steel parts re-ground. In addition, the centrifuge was equipped...

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Modernization HEINKEL HF600 Inverting Filter Centrifuge for a Swiss customer. The order includes the ATEX upgrade of the centrifuge, a new fail safe control system and N2 purging unit. All engines...

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Upgrading & safety optimization of two HEINKEL HF1000 Inverting Filter Centrifuges As part of a plant modernization, the electrical controls, the local operator panel and all electrical components inside the centrifuges...

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Ellerwerk 736 C peeler centrifuge searched on the used market, for our customers, in the Bavarian Region. In proven CONTECMA CS quality newly painted and fitted with a new safety PLC...

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HF800.1 incl. Control for the USA For a US customer from the Chicago area, we have overtaken its inversion filter centrifuge. The US-compliant conversion and control system was planned and manufactured...

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Upgrading & safety optimization of a HEINKEL HF600 Inverting Filter Centrifuge With our control system, and our new operation panel with integrated Touch-Screen and a new inertisation unit, shows the revised HF600...

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