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The content shown, contacts, services and products on the website of CONTECMA C. S. GmbH  are not associated with the above mentioned company.

A cooperation between these companies does not exist even if the products or services of both companies in one thing overlap.

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The CONTECMA C. S. GmbH is a multivendor-capability


within more than 120 years of knowledge in centrifuge technologies. Our high qualified service technicians are doing the maintenance and the UVV services all over the world at different types of centrifuges. For example:


Haken Inverting Filter Centrifuges

Haken Horizontal and vertical scraper centrifuges

Haken Pendulum centrifuges

Haken Pusher Centrifuges

Haken Dip coating centrifuges




From all major manufacturers such as:



Haken Comi Condor

Haken Kraus Maffai / KMPT

Haken Ferrum

Haken Ellerwerk

Haken Broadbent

Haken GFT / Heine

Haken Carl Padberg (CEPA)

Haken GEA

Haken Alfa Laval

Haken Rösler

Haken Siebtechnik



We also offer everything you need for a cost-efficient operation of your centrifuge.

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Our sales and service team will provide you quickly and cost efficient with all spare parts and consumables you need for the ongoing operation of your centrifuge. For this purpose, our service team can relay in a large stock of spare parts, from the screw to big components, of over 3000 articles.


Our team of highly qualified service technicians performs the maintenance and accident prevention works for you worldwide. With our fault and support hotline we are available around the clock, 365 days a year to help you in an emergency to ensure the best support for you.

Prozesstechnik Team 350x230

Our process engineering team will assist you in the process-technical optimization of your existing production as well as for new products. More over 25 years of experiences and more than 500 different products, so we always achieve an improvement in production time and product quality.

Filtertuchfertigung 350x230

Our inhouse filter cloth production and the large number of  clothqualities in our warehouse enables us to respond  quickly and flexible customers needs. If necessary, even overnight.


Our project team supports you in plant design and the implementation of control and visualization concepts. The CAD-aided 3D design of mechanical components, electrical design and construction of control cabinets put us in a position to implement customer requirements quickly and saves your expenses.



Customer service

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We can advise you
Phone.:  +49 (7147) 27697-0
Fax.: +49 (7147) 27697-29


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Problems with your centrifuge?
Call us 24 h / 7 days at
Phone:  +49 (7147) 27697-112



Refurbished HEINKEL HF600.1 Inverting Filter Centrifuge delivered to customer in Bavaria. The centrifuge from 1999 was completely disassembled, repainted and the stainless steel parts re-ground. In addition, the centrifuge was equipped...

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Modernization HEINKEL HF600 Inverting Filter Centrifuge for a Swiss customer. The order includes the ATEX upgrade of the centrifuge, a new fail safe control system and N2 purging unit. All engines...

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Upgrading & safety optimization of two HEINKEL HF1000 Inverting Filter Centrifuges As part of a plant modernization, the electrical controls, the local operator panel and all electrical components inside the centrifuges...

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Ellerwerk 736 C peeler centrifuge searched on the used market, for our customers, in the Bavarian Region. In proven CONTECMA CS quality newly painted and fitted with a new safety PLC...

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HF800.1 incl. Control for the USA For a US customer from the Chicago area, we have overtaken its inversion filter centrifuge. The US-compliant conversion and control system was planned and manufactured...

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Upgrading & safety optimization of a HEINKEL HF600 Inverting Filter Centrifuge With our control system, and our new operation panel with integrated Touch-Screen and a new inertisation unit, shows the revised HF600...

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