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Plant modernization & Retrofits


HakenYou want to modernize your plant?

HakenYour centrifuge doesn't stand any longer your productivity and flexibility requirements?

HakenYour facility has a safety deficit?

HakenYou still have problems to get spare parts?

HF600 Rebuild

You don't have to replace existing machines with new ones always. Often an update pays off, because in many cases the modernization of existing machines and plants is a technically and economically efficient alternative to new ones.


We equip existing machines and plants of all kinds with the most modern drive systems, control cabinets and user interfaces, so that you can produce without trouble and on the current state of the art. Of course, the modernized plant is according to the currently valid Machinery Directive and receives a CE-Certificate form us.

 Your benefits of an Retrofit


 Lower investments compare to new purchase

Haken Increase productivity by reducing fault time and downtime

Haken The interfaces will preserved to existing system components

Haken Performance increase of the machine

Haken Modern diagnostic and service concepts

Haken Increase of reliability and availability

We offer a retrofit complete one-stop service

We develope a project plan in a for you possible period, with the aim to minimize machine downtimes. With a hazard and machine analysis, we determine the previous functionality and put them in the new control concept. Existing risks will be rectified and the new feature wishes will be integrated in the new control concept.

Mechanically worn out parts are replaced. If these are no longer available on the market, we make them new by measuring the old parts in 3D and redesign them in a CAD system. For the conversion you definitely get a completely new documentation. A retrofit or control remodeling is the most cost effective solution to equip a used system with the newes machine technology.

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